Sunday, August 12, 2012

Matt's CPPS

I actually don't really like this CPPS, but some of YOU guys might! This CPPS is called "Matt's Private Server"! This server only has 1 server sadly. :( This server isnt really up to date about the .swf files. They have a alot of commands! Check them out! They also have some weird commands! Ex. Unmarry and marry... O_o

Check out this CPPS!

!AI - Adds an item.
!AF - Adds any furniture item to your igloo.
!addallcolors - Adds all penguin colors.
!addallbelts - Adds all Card Jitsu belts.
!IGLOO - Changes your igloo type. Ex. !IGLOO 8
!FLOOR - Changes your igloo floor. Ex. !FLOOR 5 Type !FLOOR without an ID to revert to the default floor.
!MUSIC - Changes your igloo music. Ex. !MUSIC 3 Type !MUSIC without an ID to remove music.
!AC - Adds specified number of coins.
!SS [x] [y] - Changes your penguin's size. Ex. !SS 200 200
!SA - Sets your penguin's transparency to any number between 0 and 100. Ex. !SA 40
!BL [normal/invert/add/subtract/multiply/erase/difference/hardlight] - Changes your penguin's blend mode. Ex. !BL subtract
!JR - Joins a room by its ID.
!ID - Gets your player ID. Ex. If your ID is 1000, you were the 1000th person to register.
!PIN - Changes your pin.
!clone - Changes your clothing items to those of another user.
!up - Changes your penguin to a mascot. Ex. !up Rockhopper
!ping - If the bot replies "Pong", you are connected.
!g2g - Tell everyone you have to go.
!mood - Alternate way to set your mood. Ex. !mood Hello World
!marry - Marry someone.
!unmarry - Divorce someone.
!bff - BFF someone.
!unbff - UnBFF someone.
!addstatus - Adds a short status beside your penguin name. Ex. !addstatus BRB
!clearstatus - Clears short status.

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